Drainage Solutions for Pooling Water

Pooling and Standing Water

Pooling and standing or stagnant water can lead to several undesirable side effects, such as breeding mosquitoes and bacterial and fungal growth that can be hazardous to pets and people, especially children. Furthermore, it can also lead to subsidence, and if it is close enough to a structure, it can affect foundations, concrete slabs, sidewalks, driveways, and even porches. The solutions to this problem are far more affordable than repairing any of these types of damage and probably less expensive than you imagine.

Landscape Design

Before beginning any design for a new drainage system, you'll want to decide the best route for the general watershed throughout your landscape design. We recommend Sundrop Gardens for projects requiring a reassessment of your landscape design or any leveling or grading to ensure a proper watershed that will incorporate well with the desired design of your new drainage system.

Choosing Drainage Types

Depending on the volume of expected watershed and runoff, you'll have various drainage types to choose from, solid concrete drainage channels and gutters, rock bed and gravel drainage, plumbed drainage with grates, and more. We can accommodate small residential needs with connectivity to public runoff or commercial drainage requiring retention ponds and drainage systems involving varied elevations. Soil types and other factors, such as elevation differences, may impact your drainage type options. Feel free to contact us so we can discuss your options.

Designing Your New Drainage System

We'll design your drainage system to ensure proper watershed throughout the property. This includes assessing the watershed to find the appropriate placement for the water collection points, where the watershed ends and the drainage begins. Depending on elevation, you may be able to pipe the runoff underground at this phase of the design process. Otherwise, you'll be presented with more appropriate options. The only thing left is to point the runoff to the proper places. If your drainage system requires a retention pond, this should be completed before installing the drainage system.